Designers and Decorators

Skills Required to Be an Interior Designer

The demand for home decorators is continuously on the rise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for interior design is expected to increase by 4 percent and makeover three thousand job openings across the United States by 2020. Because there is a huge demand for interior designers in the field of interior decoration, there is also an equally huge demand for trained decorators. In order to meet this demand, more colleges, universities, and technical schools are now offering formal training programs for interior designers.

The first thing that decorators need to know when it comes to the field of interior design is that they should have a clear understanding of what exactly interior decorating actually entails. While there may not be a single specific skill required for every job opening available in the field of interior design, there are a number of skills that all interior designers must possess. By studying online portfolios, it was possible to narrow the list of common skills needed for a professional in this field. Among these are communication skills, visual perception, creativity, problem-solving ability, and an eye for detail.

Next on the list of skills needed by interior designers are organizational skills. It is important to understand the different tasks that will be performed within an office or home before going into a job interview. For example, when a homeowner has an interior designer to help with his remodeling project, they will most likely expect that the designer will come into the home and give them advice on the layout, placement, and style of walls and furniture. While this is often what happens, home decorators should realize that while this may be a part of the job, they also have to be able to take an idea for a room and turn it into reality through the use of color, texture, materials, and lighting.

Another skill needed by interior designers is the ability to draw on a wide variety of materials in a quick and effective manner. This means that interior designers must be able to work with all sorts of materials. From natural materials like wood to more abstract pieces such as paints and pastels, it is common knowledge that any good designer must have a versatile array of tools in order to do their job. Since there are many different types of people who work in the field of interior design, it is important for any professional to be able to communicate effectively and collaborate with all of them.

The third skill required of decorators is the ability to communicate with the customer. A designer should have the ability to listen to what the homeowner wants to accomplish and make the changes necessary to meet the goals. While it is impossible to please everyone in the customer’s world, it is still possible for a home decorator to meet the desires of the customer.

The fourth skill required of a home interior designer is communication. In order for interior designers to successfully communicate with their clients, they must be able to listen to the client and find a creative way to solve the problem. Because each home and every client is different, no two clients are exactly alike.

Finally, home decorators also have to have the ability to follow through with their promises. Every homeowner and project are different, so it is important for the interior designer to always have a plan in place. They must also be able to deliver what they say they will do on the promise date. This means that they must have a good understanding of the expectations of the client.

The skills and talents needed by home decorators to break into the field of interior design are not difficult to acquire. It is simply a matter of learning to communicate your ideas, following through on your commitments, and having a plan for achieving your goals. Anyone can learn how to become an interior designer, but it is important for anyone to have the right attitude and willingness to learn as you go.