Pet Grooming

All You Need To Know About Pet Grooming!

Dog grooming refers to both the specific hygienic maintenance and general cleaning of a pet, and a method by which the physical appearance of a pet is improved for show or other kinds of competition. A professional dog groomer is someone who makes their living caring for dogs. There are numerous companies that sell equipment to groom dogs at home. There are also pet salons that specialize in grooming dogs. Some grooming services may be performed by a professional groomer and others may be provided by pet salons.

Pet Grooming includes the grooming, bathing and clipping of their coats, teeth and nails, as well as ear cleaning. Pet grooming usually involves bathing, trimming of their nails, cutting their hair, de-matting skin and applying ear cleaning oils and lotions. The fur of the animal, whether it be long-short, fine, or a silky, luxuriously coiffed coat, will need to be maintained and kept clean. There are many companies that specialize in providing pet grooming services.

Dogs will need their nails trimmed approximately once a week. The best time to trim a dog’s nails is when the nails are slightly swollen and the cuticles are soft. A pet grooming salon can provide this service, but there are also many do-it-yourself pet grooming products on the market that are quite effective. There is no set grooming schedule for dogs; rather, it is usually up to the owner as to how often they want to groom them. Most pets should be brushed once per week and then have the nails clipped on alternate days.

While there are no hard and fast rules regarding when you should groom a dog, most pet grooming experts recommend grooming when the dog is rested, when they are warm, when they have a food tray in their cage, and when they are brushed again. Most dogs will require a bath approximately once a month unless you are fortunate enough to own a long-haired, pampered pooch. In that case, your pet grooming salon may require you to bath them twice a month. Grooming a dog is not difficult, but it does require a bit of work. Grooming a cat will take longer due to its much shorter fur.

Cats shed more often than dogs. A cat’s coat only grows about a quarter of an inch each month, making it easy to miss some of your cat’s shedding. Pet grooming services will include combing and shaving, although they may also offer a special cat shampoo that helps reduce excessive shedding. If your cat has a lot of sheds, you may want to consider a cat shedding protector, which is a washable, non-abrasive, adhesive-backed product that keeps your cat’s shedding down. You should also check with your veterinarian to find out if your cat needs any other special care, such as flea treatment or a hair loss treatment.

Grooming and bathing dogs is no longer a difficult task. Almost all pet stores carry groomers, and many have several styles of dog shampoos available. Many pet grooming services also offer doggie daycare, where your pooch can go to relax and have fun at the groomers. If you choose this option, be sure to book in advance to ensure availability.