Physical Therapy

All About Physical Therapy In Queen Creek

Physical therapy is a health care specialty that involves the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of people with physical limitations in function. Physical therapists employ a range of therapeutic treatments and exercise routines to assist you physically move better and be more mobile; therapy is very individualized. Some physical therapists work on athletic injuries, while others focus on patients with musculoskeletal conditions or disabilities. You can find physical therapists through your physician, nursing home, school or other health care provider. You may also need to locate a therapist after going through formal treatment at a clinic or hospital.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy, you will need to complete a master’s degree program in order to become a licensed physical therapist. You will need to complete the necessary education courses, including anatomy, kinesiology, physical sciences, psychology and physiology, before entering the doctorate program. After completion of the doctorate program, you will have the required expertise to qualify for practice in this field. In most states, licensure is granted by the state board of examiners once you have completed the required coursework and passed the final certification exam. To find physical therapy jobs, you will likely need a doctoral degree program.

During the PhD process, students are taught about the principles and theories of physical therapy, as well as the tools and equipment used in the practice. Students are also trained in the use and administration of rehabilitation and therapeutic equipment. Physical therapists with a doctorate degree program are able to specialize in particular areas, including pediatrics, geriatrics, women and children’s health, sports medicine, military health and pediatric radiology.

If you are interested in clinical or research studies, you may want to consider a career as a researcher. For instance, you could become a senior research scientist or even a senior physical therapy assistant, working in an independent laboratory or office. Many physical therapy professionals choose this route so they have the opportunity to conduct research and possibly even publish their results. A physical therapy assistant who is successful in her or his position may be able to advance to a position in the research department of a university or other organization.

There are several other options available to those who complete a PhD program in physical therapy. Some students may wish to pursue medical positions in hospitals, clinics or doctors’ offices. Others decide to open their own practices, specializing in a specific area of medicine. Many physical therapy students choose to become consultants, helping healthcare practitioners with issues specific to their patients.

Physical therapists are always in need of qualified patients to test and treat their techniques. Physical therapy is beneficial to patients of all ages, from young children to elderly adults. Physical therapy helps improve movement and range of motion, control pain and treat conditions such as spinal cord injuries. With so many physical therapy career options available, it’s not hard to see why physical therapy has become such a popular degree among graduates. Graduates should have no problem finding work in the field of healthcare.