Security Systems

All About Security Systems!

There are many types of alarm systems available for you to choose from in order to protect your home and property. You can purchase burglar alarm systems and home security systems that offer one of several different types of alarm alerts. The type of alarm you choose depends on how safe you want your home and property to be, what services you require, and what you will be using your home alarm for.

DIY Home Alarm Systems: These types of security systems come in both fully automated and partially automated models. The fully automated system is tied into monitoring agencies via telephone, so if an alarm event occurs it is immediately contacted by the monitoring company. The semi-automatic is tied into phone lines and the partially-automated is remotely operated using computer software. You can install both types of systems on your property. Full-service monitoring comes at a higher cost and is better suited for homeowners who live alone or for those who have extra security needs.

Professional Monitoring: This kind of alarm system is provided by professional monitoring companies. You must first call the monitoring company to make sure you are choosing the right one for your location. Professional monitoring companies will send a trained representative to your home to assess your current security systems and give you advice on how to improve your security systems. You can install professional monitoring services in both fully automated and semi-automated systems. Professional monitoring companies generally charge more for their services, but their emergency services are more rapid and more efficient than those provided by DIY security systems and fire departments.

Fire Departments: Fire departments are equipped with many different kinds of security systems and fire trucks. Most fire departments will respond to residential alarms using loud sirens and sending personnel to investigate the alarms. Some fire departments will send personnel to your home to assess the problem immediately, while some will dispatch additional personnel to your home once they determine there is an emergency. You can also purchase fire department-quality security systems that link directly to your local fire department. While these systems cost more initially, they typically provide superior alarm performance and emergency services.

Wireless Home Security Systems: Today’s technology gives us many options when it comes to home security systems and one of the popular choices is wireless security systems. Wi-Fi is quickly becoming a popular choice for wireless security systems because it provides a highly reliable connection with minimal intrusion risk. The types of wireless security systems you can purchase vary widely. Some of the most common wireless options include: Pinnacle Si Wireless, Brinks 2.4 GHz Proprietary Antenna System, ADT Intellicore IPTV, Brinks Alarm Systems, iControl Wouxwoo wireless home security systems

Motion Sensors: One of the most important factors in home security systems is motion detection. There are several different types of motion sensors, including PIR motion sensors, ultrasonic sensors, electromagnetic radiation detectors, and infrared detectors. PIR detectors use infrared technology to detect the presence of intruders. Infrared detectors use near-infrared rays to detect intruders. Most security systems that use either one or all of these types of motion sensors have the best home security systems.