Windshield Repair

All You Need To Know About Windshield Repair!


Auto glass repair or what’s commonly known as windshield repair isn’t really a new invention as compared to the entire history of the car. The first technology required to repair windshield glass actually relates to the invention of multiple layers of toughened glass (and laminated safety glass). It was designed specifically to handle extremely powerful impacts, such as those that would be encountered during a car crash.

Auto glass repair is typically accomplished by auto glass technicians using their specialized equipment. This specialized equipment has been updated and is much more robust than it used to be. As an example, windshield replacement technicians use what is called “hot-treatments” to literally heat up the inside of the auto glass so that it can be safely removed and replaced without the risk of heating cracks and fissures that often develop in authentic vehicle windshields. Hot-treatments are also employed by windshield repair technicians to bond the glass to its base material so that no permanent damage occurs when it is taken out and replaced.

When you think about it, windshield repair isn’t all that uncommon. Many auto glass services perform auto glass replacement work at the same time. Even with this common practice, there is still the unfortunate fact that a relatively small number of auto glass companies actually specialize in windshield repair only. One of the primary reasons for this oversight is the fact that auto glass services typically don’t have much in the way of special tools and training to be able to repair windshields successfully. Therefore, many times they simply choose to focus on auto glass replacement only, ignoring windshield repair completely.

To avoid this oversight, it’s critical that you trust the windshield repair technicians that you work with. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should work with an agency exclusively – it simply means that you should thoroughly vet any potential glass services that you contact. Ask your friends and family about their favorite local contractors. If a particular company has garnered a good reputation over the years, then you can feel reasonably confident that you will be working with competent technicians. However, you still want to be careful about which technicians you choose. Ask them for a list of certifications and/or licenses that they hold, and make sure that they are qualified to perform windshield repairs as well.

If you find that a windshield repair company is not up to standard, or if they simply don’t have what you need, it is best to go somewhere else. The last thing you want is to have shoddy work put onto your car, which will ultimately lead to greater expense in the end. Remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

When it comes to auto insurance companies, windshield repairs often come with a hefty price tag. Therefore, if you are looking into cheaper alternatives for this procedure, you should first inquire with your car insurance company about the possibility of including windshield repairs in your comprehensive coverage. Most auto insurance companies offer windshield replacement coverage, but many do not. If you currently have a comprehensive coverage policy, inquire with your agent to see if windshield repairs are available. While it may take a bit of time, it is likely that your car insurance company will be happy to include windshield repairs as an add-on. After all, they stand to make money by increasing your car’s overall coverage!